Wednesday, September 10, 2014

This Month's Classes

I am trying to post for this month's classes. I hope I am doing it right. This month we are focusing on Shapes and Patterns.
Sept. 11- we will be using
shape blocks
color patterns
shape songs
poems with rhyming patterns

Sept. 11-
Songs with rhymes and choruses that repeat
stories- talking about beginning, middle, and end
cause and effect
color blocks
Sets (a game Shannon A. had)

Sept. 25-
Routines- daily and weekly
Stories with repetition
Sets (the game)

From Sept 3rd Comments

Hey all, we will have a meeting during first hour tomorrow for all Core mentors to discuss the schedule for next year, please try and be there. I understand some of you will be busy first hour, so we will fill you in quickly second hour. Thanks